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Site maintenance

If you do not have time to manage your website or online store, we can take care of this so that you have more time for your business. update png 846631

saves time Do you need someone to take care of your site?

If you don’t have time or you don’t know how to manage a site, you can call us and with the time saved you can invest it in your business or hobbies. At the beginning of the month you will receive a detailed report with everything that happened on your site, from updating modules, monitoring the site and how many visitors the site had in the previous month.

Save money Online store administration

If you have to add products in the store and the process of adding product, image, description, price and stock takes too long or you have to import products in the store and your budget is limited and you can not hire a person to handle this you can call with us and we will not take care of everything


Maintenance packages

10 euro /month


30 euro / month


60 euro / month


Is your budget smaller and do you need a customized package?

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