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Online store

Your business is moving online.
The online store creation service aims to expand the customer portfolio, thus attracting customers from all over the country with minimal costs.

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Create Online Store

We make online stores for new or old companies offering professional services that help increase profits

Why choose an online store

If you have an offline store and sales are unsatisfactory or you want to enter online commerce to expand your business, an online store will drastically reduce your costs compared to an offline store and you can offer your customers a convenient way to buy products.

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Administration panel

Manage product stocks, customers, invoices and view accumulated revenue.

Billing system

Invoice issuing system in PDF format with automatic sending to the buyer's email

Discount coupons

Generation of voucher code promotional coupon for various products.


Increase your sales with newsletter campaigns where subscribers receive the latest offers directly in the email inbox

Secure payments

Integration of secure payment with the card (3D SECURE), payment by sms or payment in installments

Fast order

Customers can quickly order the desired product without creating a user account.

Online store offer

1000 euro

Is your budget smaller and do you need a customized package?

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